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The '1421' Myth exposed: Chinese admiral Zheng He did not discover the world in 1421 - 24 Apr 2006

Savage Minds
Notes and Queries in Anthropology - 1421
You would probably be better off reading Louise Levathes’s book rather than Menzies’s - Fri 17 Mar 2006

If you publish a controversial scholarly book these days you’d better plan on someone hosting a web site devoted to tearing your book to shreds: The ‘1421’ myth exposed rips large gaping holes in Menzies’ book (previously discussed) .Kerim, Fri 28 Apr 2006

The Map Room
Gavin Menzies in Australia
“It is precisely the wrong way to put Australian history on the map. And indeed, it is the historical mapping of Australia that is at stake.”

1421 Exposed: Scholars Respond to Liu and Menzies
1421 Exposed, which will be officially launched on May 1, is a web site put together by academics and researchers to combat Gavin Menzies’s theory that the Chinese discovered the world in the 15th century, and, in particular, to refute the authenticity of Liu Gang’s purported 1418 map of the world. Via MapHist.

Impala Publishers Blog Page
Writer trashes origins of Maori.

View from Taiwan
Website on Exposing Menzies' 1421

blivet 2.0
1421 Exposed: Scholars Respond to Liu and Menzies

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1421 and all that - Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Here we go again. It's the Vinland Map all over again.

Three Legged Stool
1421 - Wednesday, August 31, 2005. Michael Bangert - Boston, Massachusetts, USA
A Google search of 1421 China returns Menzies’ site as the number one site and returns a site called Debunking Gavin Menzies second. Clearly, controversy surrounds Menzies thesis.

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In 1421, Chinese exploration had begun ...?
Who's flying this thing? Oh right, that would be me.Earlier this year I bought 1421: The Year China Discovered America by Gavin Menzies. Now, multiple sources have debunked his theories, and there's certainly enough evidenc

The Chinese discovered America!. Or did they? A dubious new book offers an object lesson in amateurish research, slapdash editing and publishing greed.

e to prove him wrong.

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This website has been set up by an international group of academics and researchers who are greatly concerned about the myths being created and perpetuated by Gavin Menzies, his team, and his publishers...more


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