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This discussion group has been created to enable reasoned discussion of the facts surrounding the claims made and perpetuated by Gavin Menzies, his group, and his publishers. We welcome your views on any aspect of this subject.

The List Rules are:

Posting Policy

    All messages must relate to the general topic of the list.
    Advertisements are not appropriate.
    Virus warnings are strongly discouraged.
    Personal attacks or comments that are intended only to enrage the recipient rather than contribute to thoughtful discussion are prohibited.
    All postings must be free of copyright restrictions that limit distribution.
    The preferred format for list messages is plain text. The total size of any message should not exceed 10k
    The list moderator's decision on all matters is final. The moderator reserves the right to remove any person from the list for any reason.

Guidelines for Appropriate List Behavior
The following guidelines are offered as advice for how to best participate in this discussion in a manner that will both contribute to the experience of all readers and also reflect well on you.

    Say something substantial.
    Say something new.
    "Getting the last word" is for children.
    Agree to disagree.
    Take "conversations" off the list.
    Remember that you are being judged by the quality of your contributions.
    NEVER send email in anger. Compose a message in anger, and save it. Then sleep on it.
    Be civil. Treat others how you wish to be treated.
    Respect the rights of others.
    No blatant ads.
    Trim Quotations
    Think before replying to the whole forum.

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