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The Island of 7 Cities Exposed
Andrew Hanam8 tn

“After examining the physical evidences offered in the book The Island of Seven Cities we can find no evidence at Cape Dauphin to support Mr. Chiasson’s theory. To the contrary, the actual evidences in the aerial photographs and proper understanding of the physical and geological features along with the known and documented history of human activities of the Cape Dauphin site leads us in a totally different direction”. More


Eb2 - tnWhen I see the errors in the book, on things I know about, it makes me doubt the validity of other things in the book of which I have no knowledge. Did Mr Chiasson walk on the “Chinese road” to the “courtyards” shown on page 258? If so, he surely saw the white plastic and/or steel monitoring wells located in each “courtyard. 
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Random House

A letter to Random House, publishers of “The Island of the Seven Cities

“There is something curious about Kelly’s Mountain and legend building. Even the facts about the proposed quarry were exaggerated in the early 1990's. Misinformation reigned supreme then, as it seems to now, 15 years later. Maybe it’s the current human mind set, and we’re participating in the DaVinci Code of Kelly’s Mountain!”
Lynn Baechler, M.Sc., P.Geo., Hydrogeologist

Response from the publisher, Random House, and the Author, of “The Island of the Seven Cities

"It looks like the 1952 firefighters cleared a pre-existing road up the mountain, and didn't build a new one".

Anne Collins - Publisher, Paul Chiasson - Author

Kelly Mountain Ruins
A newspaper article cites a Mi'kmaq historian, who stated that he had not heard of any Mi'kmaq oral legends about a Chinese occupation on Kelly Mountain. More

Media Reports of Fires
July 28, 1952 , July 25, 1968

The Island of Seven Cities:
A review by someone who was there

Jim Morrow

“It becomes obvious that Chiasson has never seen the remains of a medieval Chinese city, and a single piece of archaeological evidence is sufficient to disprove his theory: with fleets of huge junks harboured in St. Ann’s Bay and thousands of people living for years in a nearby hilltop city, the sand beaches and rocky pastures of the area should be littered with millions of shards of Asiatic crockery, yet not a single one has been reported during centuries of farming, and none were noticed in the author’s many examinations of the site.”

Aerial Photographic Evidence

1931c - tn

1931 a, b, c, d
1975 a, b
1984 a, b
1993 a, b



Colonial Irony
An expert review of The Island of Seven Cities: Where the Chinese Settled When They Discovered America
David S G Goodman, Professor of Contemporary China Studies, University of Technology, Sydney


Complaint of false advertising
Dr Geoffrey Wade has laid a complaint with the Competition Bureau Canada claiming misrepresention of the nature of the book “The Island of Seven Cities”
Fiction masquerading as history
Dr. Geoffery Wade
Andrew Hanam letter to The Victoria Standard
Cedric Bell, a core member of Gavin Menzies’ 1421 team prepared this “Summary of survey May 2005

1968 Official Fire Report
Dept. of Lands and Forests - Nova Scotia

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