1763 Map

“1418 Map a Fake”
Dr. Geoff Wade

1763 map small“I remain convinced that this ‘1763/1418’ map is a 21st-century fake. It was certainly produced by someone educated in simplified characters (meaning under the PRC in the last 50 years) and the purpose of the map is to support the Menzies thesis (and so it was produced within the last four years)”. More

Expert Comment

Geoffrey Wade - 24 March 2006
March 2006 claims by Liu Gang and Rebuttals

On the fake map published by "The Economist" in Britain
Professor Zhou Zhen-he, of the Chinese Geography Research Institute of Fu-dan University, Shang-hai.

A Map Full of Holes
Jin Guo-ping

Experts doubt authenticity of China's pre-Columbus map
Chinese news agency Xinhua

RNZ Discussion - Michael Ross

Waikato University asks Menzies to remove carbon testing claims from book and web site.
Michael Field, Dominion Post, 6 May 2006

Where is the Liu Fragment from?

parchmentA segment of bamboo parchment supposedly taken from the controversial Chinese map radiocarbon dated at Waikato University.
Mark Taylor - Waikato Times

On the "Overall Map of the Geography of All Under Heaven" and Zheng He's Fleets
Gong Ying-yan, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University

“The non-historical nature of the annotations within red borders cannot but cause us to have grave doubts about this map. The map not only reflects the influence of Western culture on China after the great geographical discoveries, but also a proof that only a very few advanced Chinese people studied Western culture at that time.” More

Liu Gang - owner of the 1763 Map

A tiny [parchment] fragment put a Waikato radiocarbon-dating lab in the headlines
The Economist Story
Original Liu Press release

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Menzies and the problem of the Smoking Gun document
Laputan Logic -1 , Laputan Logic 2
A high resolution version of the map

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