1421 Myth


 Theory cooks up history
The theory the Chinese were first everywhere is about to make a beachhead at the University of Melbourne
Bernard Lane, The Australian, April 26, 2006

 Beware fleets of fantasy
There is no evidence Chinese sailors first discovered Australia. Geoff Wade, The Australian April 26, 2006

 Expert response to presentation in a Library of Congress room.

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 The book '1421, The Year China Discovered America' is a fairytale & a fiction

 Starry Night Charts Support Theory That Chinese Beat Columbus to America

Historian Gavin Menzies on Pre-Columbus Voyage by Chinese





Expert Comment

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Refutation to Gavin Menzies’ book Commander José Manuel Malhão Pereira

The Hearsay Heresy of “1421” - Captain P.J. Rivers reviews Anatole Andro’s The 1421 Heresy: An Investigation into The Ming Chinese Maritime Survey of the World

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